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Live Session on "Blended Learning"





Feb 19th, 13:00 GMT



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Participants (19)



Guest Speakers: Aiden Yeh (Taiwan) and Rita Zeinstejer (Argentina)

Coordinators and Moderators: Dafne & Teresa




Dennis Oliver, USA

Hala Fawzi, Sudan

Janet Tucker, Israel

Jose Antonio; Brazil

Lorena, Argentina

Malila Prado, Brazil

Maru del Campo, Mexico

Mary Di Monaco, Argentina

Masoud Amiri, Iran

Michael Coghlan, Australia

Nadi Mohammed, Morocco

Natalia (Natasa) Malkina, Russia

Nina Liakos, USA

Ronaldo, Brazil

Silvia Colombo, Argentina






The recording of the Session

VIP: To view the text chat, you need to highlight it and scroll down from time to time.



Complete sound recording




Aiden´s Slides


Cick here for the slides



Rita´s Slides








Project with Buth


CAE 2005 Project Activities


CAE 2007 which includes the following entries:












Screen Shots










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