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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 16 years, 2 months ago

Alado Live Session Page


Feb 9th 17.00GMT

Here's the chatlog and participant list for today's live session at Alado.

See the slideshow and make your comments at the Blog.


The recording of the Session

(VIP: To view the text chat, you need to highlight it and scroll down from time to time.)





Participants (18)


Guest Speaker: Andrew Pincon

Coordinators: Dafne & Teresa


Moderators: Sharon (week 4), Jose Antonio, Dennis, Fernanda



Carina Llosa, Argentina

Daniela Munca, The US

Eleni Argyriou, Greece

Isabel Teixeira, Brazil

Leecy, The US

Melanie Ellis, Poland

Marina Alfonso, Argentina

Mary Di Mónaco, Argentina

Maru del Campo, Mexico

Moira Hunter, France

Natalia Malkina (Natasa), Russia

Nadi Mohammed, Morocco

Nergiz Kern, Turkey

Patricia Wierna Saravia, Argentina

Sabrina, Argentina

Sally La Luzerne, The US

Silvia Colombo, Argentina


Screen Shots


Chat Log




melanie ellis : Silvia I held the mic icon down and it turned red

Jose Antonio : Hi everyone

DafneG : hi everybody :-)

Sally La Luzerne-Oi : Hi everyone!

Aladoadmin : ola

Jose Antonio : Hello

melanie ellis : I'm hearing somebody!

DafneG : hola

silviacolombo : I can't hear now

Jose Antonio : Someone said Hola

DafneG : hi Andy :-)

Sally La Luzerne-Oi : My microphone doesn't seem to be working either.

Jose Antonio : Great I can hear now

melanie ellis : How did you get the hand up symbol Silvia?

silviacolombo : By pressing the mike at the bottom

silviacolombo : That's my problem

Sally La Luzerne-Oi : That's right. How are you Andy?

Aladoadmin : Silva do you want to talk

Jose Antonio : I had to install theplugin again. Mine wsnot working

Jose Antonio : I couldn´t get in

Aladoadmin : you just hit the Control key, which enables you to talk

Mary Di Mónaco : But I think i heard you Silvia

Aladoadmin : Ola, Daf

silviacolombo : Yes but I can't because of my mike settings

Jose Antonio : Hi

melanie ellis : Hello Daf

Aladoadmin : glad to hear and see you in here

silviacolombo : Hi Daf

Jose Antonio : Daf and her PCs

Mary Di Mónaco : Hi Daf

Jose Antonio : She is lucky to have many

Sally La Luzerne-Oi : Hi Daf

Aladoadmin : yes, we've seen your struggles with you new Vista

Aladoadmin : laptop

silviacolombo : Anxious early birds

DafneG : many that do not work, JA

Jose Antonio : I I have a problem with mine. I am in deeptrouble. I have only one. Poor JA

melanie ellis : What isthe syumbol like a zip file that comes up next to some names?

Mary Di Mónaco : when you want to talk you press the mic icon and just do so or do you have to wait?

DafneG : better to have one that works

Jose Antonio : ]That is true Daf

DafneG : if nobody is speaking you will speak immediately, Mary

silviacolombo : Mine doesn't work

Jose Antonio : I f I had many deffective ones, I would get desperate. I don´t know how you manage to keep your cool

DafneG : yes

Jose Antonio : Yes Mary

melanie ellis : Yes MAry!

DafneG : hola Mary

Carina : yes!

silviacolombo : Congrats Mary!

eleni : Hi Mary

Mary Di Mónaco : hi everybody!

Carina : hi!

DafneG : I heard some noise from you, JA, give it another try

melanie ellis : Jose Antonio there was a buzzing then from you

Jose Antonio : Mine is working ok.

Jose Antonio : I lost sound for a while, but now it is ok. Doyou think the buzzin ws from my mic?

melanie ellis : If your country isn't on the list do you just pick the nearesr point geographically?

Jose Antonio : All right

Natalia : Has it started already?

DafneG : no Natalia, we are testing our Internet connection speed

melanie ellis : Hi Natalia, not yet

Natalia : Good. I checked today earlier. Everything is working well with me

sharonb : hello everyone

DafneG : yes, I know, but since I am with slow connection, I prefer to write, sometiems my sound is choppy

Jose Antonio : Checking biforehand is good idea

DafneG : hi Sharon!

Jose Antonio : Fine Sharon Thanks

silviacolombo : Hi Sharon

Natalia : Yes, ilearnt my lesson

Natalia : Hi everybody

Mary Di Mónaco : Hi sharon

eleni : Hi Sharon

Natalia : I can't hear

sharonb : could you hear my hello? doesn't matter, as I like to let everyone participate - just wondered.

DafneG : are you guys checking your speed?

Natalia : Can I check my mike?

Aladoadmin : wee

sharonb : Great - hi natalia

Aladoadmin : hear you

Jose Antonio : Yes

DafneG : yesss

Aladoadmin : welcome

sharonb : is it cold in St petersburg?

melanie ellis : Hello Natalia

Jose Antonio : How are yu Natalia?

silviacolombo : Oh Hi Nat

Mary Di Mónaco : Hi Natalia!

Aladoadmin : very clear Natalia

Dennis : Hi, everyone.

Maru del Campo : Hi Everyone!

Aladoadmin : you can let it go

Aladoadmin : thanks

silviacolombo : Hi Maru

sharonb : you are gone now.

Mary Di Mónaco : Hi Maru

Jose Antonio : Maru how are U?

sharonb : Jose - you are making a participants list?

Dennis : I tried accessing this via a Mac and it didn't work well. Eventually, I could hear, but I couldn't chat.

Maru del Campo : I am fine Jose

Maru del Campo : yes

Jose Antonio : Yes I am sharon

Dennis : So I'm using my PC now.

melanie ellis : I didn't sign up on the database, but I am here!

sharonb : hi melanie - that is no problem

Dennis : I didn't sign up either, Melanie,

Maru del Campo : you bet!!

Dennis : Hola, Maru!

Dennis : Oi, JA.

Maru del Campo : I did not join as moderator because I only moderated my own sessions

silviacolombo : Hi Dennis

Mary Di Mónaco : Trying one of the sites on the list I lost the original page you'd posted. Does it matter, Andy?

Jose Antonio : Hi Dennis

Dennis : Hola, Silvia. I've enjoyed our message exchange.

silviacolombo : Me too

Mary Di Mónaco : I've got the page back now

Dennis :

Dennis : Hi, Andy.

silviacolombo :

Dennis : Privet, Natalia!

sharonb : Everyone think about Ibrahim (a co-moderator this week) - he only has power 5 hours in the morning and 5 in the afternoon - Can we all say hi for him when he reads the chat?

TeresaA : hi andy!

TeresaA : hi everyone!

Moira Hunter : Hi all

melanie ellis : Hello Ibrahim, thinking of you

Maru del Campo : Hi Ibrahim!!

Dennis : Hi, Mary and Sally.

Natalia : Hi, Ibrahim!

DafneG : hi Tere

Dennis : Salaam, Ibrahim!

sabrina : Hi everybody

Aladoadmin : good afternoon

silviacolombo : Hi everybody

Maru del Campo : Hi Daf! sound is fine

Aladoadmin : not at all

Dennis : Hi, Teresa. I hear you loud and clear.

DafneG : Please, go ahead Tere, my sound is choppy

Aladoadmin : you are on time

Mary Di Mónaco : Hi Teresa and everybody else

Dennis : Hola, Carina.

Aladoadmin : my pleasure as always

DafneG : thanks for being here, Andy

Natalia : Hi Mary!

Dennis : Hi, Sharon.

DafneG : the floor is yours :-)

Maru del Campo : Hi Moira!!!

Dennis : Yes, thanks, Andy.

Jose Antonio : Ibrahim is my hero. He´s go t the webhead spirit.

Moira Hunter : Hello dear Maru

Dennis : Yiassou, Eleni!

Aladoadmin : so Daf, is your Internet in Caracas problematic today

Maru del Campo : I am glad to see you here

Dennis : Bonjour, Moira!

Sally La Luzerne-Oi : Hello everyone!

DafneG : yes, Andy

eleni : Hi Dennis!

Moira Hunter : Bonjour Dennis

Dennis : Tekanis?

Aladoadmin : hi Moria

sharonb : Teresa - are yuo there?

silviacolombo : I can't hear now

DafneG : I will be happy if I can stay

eleni : Kala. Esy?

Moira Hunter : Hi Andy

Dennis : Hi, Leecy. Admirable job in Learning Times!

DafneG : yes, my connection is slow

DafneG : my sound is choppy

Dennis : Kalo, efkharisto.

sharonb : Our narrator, Leecy is here - welcome

Maru del Campo : I have taken many pictures of my cats and will use them to learn Moira.

DafneG : go ahead

Mary Di Mónaco : I want to congratulate you too, Leecy

TeresaA : absolutely!

eleni : KALA

Moira Hunter : :-) Maru

leecy : Hi, All. That experience yesterday was awesome!

Dennis : Oops!

isabel teixeira : Hello everybody

Dennis : Efkharisto!

mnadi : hi all

DafneG : seldom have cooperation

Moira Hunter : Hi ISabel

mnadi : has the meeting started?

eleni : kalo is good, kala is well

Dennis : Hi, Isabel!

leecy : Can't wait for more!

isabel teixeira : Hi Moira

Dennis : Many thanks, Eleni!

Dennis : I'll remember that.

sharonb : It is so great that this platform will run under nearly any platform

eleni : Dennis you seem to speak many languages

Dennis : It didn't work well for me on my Mac, Sharon, so I'm here on my PC.

Mary Di Mónaco : My internet connection goes on and off all the time on rainy days. It's rainy today :-(

Jose Antonio : Dennis. Nergiz is on her Mac and she is having problems lseeing te presentation

Maru del Campo : Hi Sally!!

Dennis : Yes, I have an "older" PC. Even that was a challenge financially, but a necessary one for situations like this.

Sally La Luzerne-Oi : Hi Maru

Mary Di Mónaco : But my connection is OK so far

Dennis : Yes, I had the same results as Nergiz on my Mac, JA.

Dennis : Mary: Are you using a Mac?

Mary Di Mónaco : No

silviacolombo : Hi Mary

Mary Di Mónaco : I think it's the server

Dennis : Oh, OK. Is anyone other than Andy using a Mac?

Mary Di Mónaco : Hi Sil

sharonb : It seems that adult learners sometimes have a little more trouble than the younger-set.

Dennis : Hola, Pato!

Pato : Hello everyone

Pato : Hi Dennis

silviacolombo : Hi Pato

Natalia : Hi Pato

Dennis : Hi, Mnadi. Or should I say "salaam"?

mnadi : yeah

Dennis : Hi, Sabrina.

sabrina : hi dennis

mnadi : wailaikum salaam

Maru del Campo : I think so Mary, but adults with no computer literacy respond well in Alado

Dennis : Shukran! Ahlan wa sahlan!

mnadi : thanks

mnadi : where r u from Dennis.?

Dennis :

Dennis : Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Dennis : You?

mnadi : you Arabic sounds cool

TeresaA : Frivolous Unanticipated Nonsense

mnadi : where have you learnt it?

Dennis : Shukran! But I only know a few words.

DafneG : F.U.N

mnadi : Morocco

TeresaA : lol

sharonb : But being in Alado - is always F.U.N - if not frivoulous

Dennis : I love the idea of F.U.N.!

TeresaA : me too, dennis. in both senses

Dennis : Definitely, Teresa!

Pato : In any sense, actually!!!

Maru del Campo : Yes, it works fine with low powered computers

Dennis : I think the element of "play" in learning is really important.

Pato : sure it is Dennis

Maru del Campo : I agree Dennis

Dennis : It's a very effective way of lowering the affective filter, no?

Pato : It is

Maru del Campo : My adult students laugh when the computer gives them a round of applause

Mary Di Mónaco : We all keep a child deep down

Dennis : I've seen that happen, too, Maru.

sharonb : Is alado available for others to use (like webheads)?

Maru del Campo : I is fantastic the way they respond and become engaged

Dennis : Hear, hear, Mary!

silviacolombo : It's good playing and having fun

Jose Antonio : Dennis, can you listen and see the presentation with in your Mac? Nergiz can´t

DafneG : I have used Alado a lot with my students, Sharon

sharonb : CAn you note on top of the PowerPoints - do the moderators see tools?

Dennis : And you do it very effectively, I'm sure, Dafne, based on what I've seen you and Teresa do here.

sharonb : OK - I know Breeze and understand your goals.

Dennis : My older computer and I are grateful that Alado can be accessed, Andy. Thanks!

DafneG : and I am here even with my Int. slow connect. problems

Dennis : Terrific!

Mary Di Mónaco : You' re thinking of accessibility, right?

DafneG : Teresa and I like to present here :-)

TeresaA : yes, we do, daf. :-)

Dennis : Where on the South Side is Olive-Harvey?

Dennis : I used to visit the South Side a lot when I lived in Illinois.

sharonb : I can see why you enjoy using this - it seems very user-friendly

maral954 : better late than never

Dennis : OK. I know where that is.

Dennis : I used to go to the South Side for blues and down-home food.

Maru del Campo : My students may get some of them, thanks!

DafneG : :-)

Sally La Luzerne-Oi : That's great!

silviacolombo : Good idea Maru

Dennis : I wish I could give you some of my older computers, Andy.

Mary Di Mónaco : Simple but great idea, Andy

melanie ellis : This is really ecological! I like it

Sally La Luzerne-Oi : This is good, Andy. We need to think about all those computers going in the ground.

sabrina : a great idea I like that

Dennis : I like it, too, Melanie. Kudos, Andy, for providing this salutory service!

sharonb : my passions are technology, education, environment and my leonbergers - I think many of us have a lot in common

Jose Antonio : Recycling these computers can help lots of people

maral954 : indeed

silviacolombo : You give jobs to a lot more people

Maru del Campo : indeed!

sabrina : I wish we could do the same inmy country

Jose Antonio : We could use soe of those in some poor districts of Brazil

silviacolombo : wishful thinking in Argentina

Dennis : My fingers are crossed, Maru!

Maru del Campo : Mine too!!!

eleni : recycling computers does simply not exist here!

Dennis :

TeresaA : that's fantastic, maru and an

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