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Graham Stanley´s live presentation at WiZiQ

on Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts







Coordinators: Dafne, Teresa

Week 3 Moderators: Monica, Jose Antonio


Silvia Colombo, Adolfo Arrieta, Angelika Carlson, Kat Urbaniak, Rob Ledbury, Elfina Dolphinblue ,Sylwia Kossakowska-Pisarek, Sharon Betts, Patricia Wierna, Jane Petring, Isabel Teixeira, Negiz Kern, Eleni Argyriou, Dennis Oliver, Shelley Chang, Hala Fawzi, Annie Breckenridge, Sally La Luzerne-Oi, Mirian Alvarez, Christina Kwok, Evelyn Izquierdo, Gladys Ledwith, Maru, Monica Sanin, Fernanda Rodrigues, Natalia Malkina, Nina Liakos, Zsofia Ocsovszky, Beyza Yilmaz, Maizie Avihayil, Natasa Bozic Grojic, Nouamane Errifki, Daniela Munca, Lorena Recio, Ronaldo Lima Jr.


Slide Show





Click here for the recording - Use your username and password for WiZiQ


Blog Post


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