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TI Tour Chat Log


Jan 20th 17.00GMT

Here's the chatlog for today's tour at Tapped In.




Participants (55)

Guest Speaker: BJ Berquist

Coordinators: Daf & Tere


Moderators: Sasha & Kat (week 1), Jose Antonio, Sharon, Fernanda, Dennis,



Adolfo Arriet, Colombia


Angelika Carlson, Germany

Angeles Hernandez, Spain

Anne Breckenridge, France

Antonella Berriolo, Spain

Beyza Yilmaz, Turkey

Carina Llosa, Argentina

Carlos Ferreira, Portugal


Ehsan Amini, Iran

Eleni Argyriou, Greece

Elfina C, Russia

Ester Salasoo

Gladys Ledwith, Argentina

Hala Fawzi, Sudan

Isabel Neves, Portugal

Isabel C Neves, Portugal

Isabelle Aubouy, Canada

Jack Burston, Cyprus

Janet Tucker, Israel


JeffC (Tapped In)

Jeremy Robinson, USA

Lenka Dvorakova, Czech Republic

Maizie Avihayil, Israel

Marina Alfonso, Argentina

Malila Prado, Brazil

Maria Lorena Recio, Argentina


Maribel Boender, Netherlands

Mary Ziller USA

Masoud Amiri, Iran

Mbarek Akaddar, Morrocco

Melane, Poland

Moira Hunter, France

Monica Sanin, Argentina

Nergiz Kern, Turkey

Patricia Wierna Saravia, Argentina

Patricia Williams

Richard Turnbull, England

Robert Ledbury, Turkey

SabrinaD, Argentina

Sarah Braxton, USA

Shelley Chang, USA

Silvia Colombo, Argentina

Susan Carroll, France

Sylwia Kossakowska Pisarek, Poland

Yvonne Eaton, USA

Zhenja Bakin, Russia

Zsofia Ocsovszky, Hungary






Chat Log


Greetings / Socializing


2008.01.20 Login


Room: TI_Reception


KatU joined the room.


EhsanM joined the room.


SilviaC: I´m feeling comfortable right now


MarianaGst4 joined the room.


SasaSi: Hi Kat


ElfinaD joined the room.


PatriciaW: Ah, great, that's promising... I guess...


AdolfoA joined the room.


KatU: Hi sasha


EhsanM: Hi Everybody!


JanetT joined the room.


EhsanM: I'm not late I hope?


SasaSi: Hi Ehsan


SasaSi: No, you are not, Ehsan


BjB . o O ( the leaders of BaW are experts and will take good care of you )


EhsanM: Hi Sasa! How are you?


SabrinaD joined the room.


SusanMC joined the room.


BjB: The tour will start in about 10 minutes


KatU: ok thanks Bj


JanetT: Hi everyone.


BjB: in five minutes I'm going to have you move to the After School Online room


SasaSi: hi janet


ElfinaD: Hi everyone!


EhsanM: Is it going to be in text only or is there audio as well?


SasaSi: hi Elfina


SasaSi: text only, Ehsan


SusanMC: hello everyone


EhsanM: Oh good


ElfinaD: Hi Sasa :-)


AdolfoA: Hi everybody!


SabrinaD: hello


SilviaC: Hi everybody


SabrinaD: I've just arrived


EleniA joined the room.


MonicaS joined the room.


ElfinaD: hello


MarinaMa joined the room.


MariaLorR joined the room.


MonicaS: Hi everyone


PatriciaW: Hi Lore, we're here at last!


ElfinaD: Hi Monica


SasaSi: Hi Monica :-)


MariaLorR: hi, I'm a little bit late because I'm not at home and the connection is really slow


MarinaMa: Hi


MariaLorR: Hi Pato!


ElfinaD: Hi Maria


JeremyR joined the room.


MonicaS: We're supposed to wait


BjB: hi, Maria. You're not late


SasaSi: not late at all, Maria


BjB . o O ( what an eager group! )


MarinaMa: i'm really anxious


MariaLorR: Hi BJB! We find ourselves here again


EleniA: Hello everybody!


BjB smiles...yes, Maria!


GladysFL joined the room.


EhsanM: And this afternoon when I chatted with Vance, Moira, Nina and others, I remember being told that the script of this session will be sent to my email. I wonder if it's true about this session as well (and other sessions) or if I have to adjust some settings for that.


MariaLorR: hi everyone, here at my grandparent's house they are about to eat


MariaLorR: yes, the script will be sent to your computer Ehsan


EhsanM: Hi Maria. I've just had a BIG early supper Maria.


JeremyR: Hello all


BjB: Ehsan, I will discuss the settings for the emailed transcripts during the tour


JanetT: I got a copy of the transcript from this afternoon as soon as I logged off and checked my mail.


EhsanM: Thanks Maria


GladysFL: hi, everyone!


MariaLorR: I've tried it before, and the script always comes


ElfinaD: Hello Jeremy


SasaSi: i think if you are a member, you get chat transcript automatically, Ehsan


JeremyR: Hi Elfina


MarianaGst4: Hello everybody. I'm still lost after one week! We are having a session after a few miutes, is that right?


EhsanM: oh thanks everybody.


MarinaMa: so it said. after the session is finshed


SilviaC: Yes the same happened to me


SasaSi: that's right, Mariana


VanceS: this is true for any session you are a part of when you sign as a member, Ehsan


BjB: May I have your attention, everyone?


ZsofiaO joined the room.


SasaSi: ok


MariaLorR: yes


ElfinaD: ok


JeremyR: yes


BjB: I'm going to have you move to the After School Online room now, please


GladysFL: yes


EhsanM: That's really good Vance.


MarinaMa: ok


SusanMC: yes


SilviaC: OK


EleniA: yes


MarianaGst4: ok


AdolfoA: yes


JanetT: yes


BjB: above this chat on the right is featured passageways.


ShelleyC joined the room.


ZsofiaO left the room (signed off).


BjB: Click on the door to the After School Online room


JeremyR left the room.


SylwiaK left the room.


SabrinaD left the room.


GladysFL left the room.


JackB joined the room.


BJB2 joined the room.


MarianaGst4 left the room.


JanetT left the room.


CarinaL left the room.


SusanMC left the room.


SilviaC left the room.


BjB left the room.


KatU left the room.



Room: ASO


KatU joined the room.


MariaLorR joined the room.


SasaSi joined the room.


PatriciaW joined the room.


ElfinaD joined the room.


MarinaMa joined the room.


BjB smiles happily...good job, everyone!


MaribelB joined the room.


ShelleyC joined the room.


MariaLorR smiles... we could do it


MarinaMa: am i in the right room?


MaribelB: are we in the right room?


MariaLorR: yes, we all are!!!


SarahBr joined the room.


SilviaC: Yes


SabrinaD: I think so


EhsanM joined the room.


BjB: yes, if you see this you are in the right room


MaribelB smiles


ElfinaD: Can we enlarge our chat window?


CarinaL: yeah! go to actions


CarinaL: detach


MariaLorR: Yes,


MariaLorR: exactly!


EleniA joined the room.


ElfinaD: Thanks a lot.


BjB: I would prefer that you didn't detach yet...


BjB: but you do want to go to Actions and larger text


ElfinaD: why?


SilviaC: OK


MaribelB: Ok


EhsanM: But when you detach the window covers the text at the top


BjB: If you can detach and still see the web window with the tabs, then that is fine


SabrinaD: I ahve detached how do I reverse the process?


EhsanM: And it's hard to view both at the same time.


CarinaL: atach


MarinaMa: done


GladysFL: go back to actions and attach


MonicaS joined the room.


ElfinaD: ok, thnaks


SabrinaD: thanks


MonicaS: here I am


BjB: good for you, Monica!


BjB: I'm going to announce. Everyone who sees this message should ignore the announcement, please




BjB: ANNOUNCEMENT: The Webheads Tour is starting shortly in the After School Online Room. To participate type /join BJB


JackB joined the room.


BjB: Welcome, Jack


TeresaD joined the room.


IsabelleA joined the room.


BjB bows deeply and hugs Teresa


JackB: Hello!


FernandaR joined the room.


TeresaD: hi everyone!


EhsanM: Hi Teresa and Isabella!


BjB: hi, Fernanda


IsabelleA: hi everyone!


KatU: Hi Tere


KatU: bisous Isa


TeresaD sends big hugs to BJ


FernandaR: Hi everyone


JeremyR left the room (signed off).


JoseD joined the room.


SasaSi: Hi all


YvonneE joined the room.


ElfinaD: Hello


MalilaP joined the room.


IsabelleA: coucou Kat


MariaLorR: Hi everyone!


BjB: There are still some people in reception...as soon as we get them here, we can start


TeresaD: and thanks her for being here for us once again :-)


BjB: good, Yvonne


EhsanM: Congrats on the award Teresa!


JoseD: Hi BJB. This is Jose from Brazil


YvonneE: Glad to make it here.


TeresaD: thank you, ehsan!


EhsanM: Hi Jose!


MariaLorR: second Ehsan, congrats Teresa!


JoseD: Hi Ehsan


MalilaP: Hi, BjB! I´m Malila, from Brazil.


LenkaD joined the room.


AnneGst7 joined the room.


JoseD: Hello Malila


TeresaD: we have a big group today! fabulous!


SharonBe joined the room.


BjB: Hi, Malila


SilviaC: Hi everybody


ZsofiaO joined the room.


JoseD: Hi Silvia


LenkaD: Hi everyone!


TeresaD: let's all behave very well to make life easy for dear BJ, ok?


SarahBr: Hi Sharon


MariaLorR: ok Teresa, we'll try our best


JoseD: Ok Teresa


EhsanM: Hey, I've detached the window but the attach option doesn't appear under the actions...


SabrinaD: ok no problem


SilviaC: You're right


TeresaD: let's follow her instructions. you'll enjoy this tour very much


EhsanM: It's still Detach.


ElfinaD: Hi Sharon


SasaSi: Hi sharon - you made it :-)


SharonBe: Hello everyone also - window detached. I found you!


PatriciaW: don't worry, we're good students Teresa


BjB: if your chat is detached, go to FILE in the top left of the chat and attach


MariaLorR: I don't believe you Pato


TeresaD: i know you are, pat :-)


MariaLorR smiles


SharonBe: reattached


MoiraH joined the room.


PatriciaMS joined the room.


TeresaD: but sometimes even good students can get carried away ;-)


EhsanM: Oh thanks Bj. It worked :)


KatU: bisous Moira


SharonBe: Hi MOira and Patricia


PatriciaW: Yeah, I am Teresa no matter what Lorena says


TeresaD: ola, moira!


MoiraH left the room.


PatriciaW: I'll kill you later Lore


EhsanM: Now I can see both the chat area and the text area above at the same time.


MariaLorR laughs


PatriciaMS: Olá Teresa e Parabéns pela entrevista!


TeresaD: obrigada, pat :-)


PatriciaW: That's your last laugh, be sure


BjB: if you have trouble reading the text go to Actions and click on larger text, but please do not detach unless you are comfortable overlapping the two screens


AnneGst7 left the room.


BjB: I'm going to start the tour now, everyone, so I'm going to ask that you not type anything unless I ask for questions or comments


MariaLorR: ok, just kidding


BjB: there are soooooo many people here that the chat will scroll too quickly and will be confusing


MaryZ joined the room.


AngelikaC joined the room.


IsabelCriT joined the room.


DafneG joined the room.


BjB: I'd like to welcome everyone to this tour and thank the BaW committee for asking me to lead the tour again :-)


IsabelCriT: hello,I could finally get here


AngelikaC: Thank YOU, BJ


BjB: What I'm going to try to do during this tour is help you feel more comfortable in this virtual space...


MaryZ: thanks for leading this session BjB


BjB: and learn about the basic navigation and communication tools


AntonellaB joined the room.


AnneGst7 joined the room.


MoiraH joined the room.


BjB: As with any new technology, the learning will be up to you....


BeyzaY joined the room.


NergizGst10 joined the room.


BeyzaY: hello


BjB: I can only give you the tools...it's up to you to practice and use them


BjB: welcome, to those who just entered the room


BjB: We had a question about Transcripts earlier...


ZhenjaB joined the room.


BjB: when you fill out the Tapped In membership form...


BjB: you enter your email address


BjB: that address is in the Tapped In directory and is where your transcript is sent when you log out


AKADDARGst6 joined the room.


ZhenjaB: hei! what's this?


BjB: I'll show you where you can edit that email if you are not getting your scripts


BjB: Zhenja, are you here for the BaW tour?


AKADDARGst6: Hi all is it the right BAW room?


ZhenjaB: yes I am


BjB: yes, Akaddar


BjB: As the Webheads so eloquently practice and point out, they are a community...


AKADDARGst6: thanks Bjb What r we supposed to do right now?


BjB: And Tapped In is also a community....an umbrella community of smaller communities


RobertLed joined the room.


BjB: just listen for a while, AK


BjB: a community relies on the interaction and support from its membership


AKADDARGst6: ok i'll listen along the session


JeremyR joined the room.


BjB: each member of Tapped In is valued for what they have to contribute to this community


BjB: for this reason, each member is given an ID page where they can post their strengths and interests.


BjB: some of you have already edited your ID page....


BjB: I'm going to show you an edited ID page and then show you how to edit your own page


BjB . o O ( as with any large group, some of you may be more knowledgable than others...please be patient! )


BjB: to the left of this chat window are two tabs, HERE and ONLINE


AKADDARGst6: I tried to register yesterday at teppedin but the was a problem is it only for US and Canada?


BjB: the HERE tab should be on top with the list of everyone who is in this room right now (45!)


BjB: Tapped In is international, AK


BjB: Please click ONE time on BJB under the HERE tab


BjB: and then click on the green i at the bottom of the frame


BjB: and tell me what you see above this chat


AnneGst7: You are in ASO, Tappedin campus


AngieDH joined the room.


JackB left the room (signed off).


BjB: those of you who are here as guests will not get a transcript and will not be able to see the ME features


AKADDARGst6: private chat box?


BeyzaY left the room.


SharonBe: So many people clicked that mine is very slow - others could have the same topic.


IsabelleA: "you are in ASO, Tappedin campus"


BjB: you see the private chat if you click on my name TWO times.


GladysFL: I can see your offline info and your photo


PatriciaMS: the same as IsabelleA


MarinaMa: mine's still loading


SabrinaD: mine too


SusanMC: still loading too


SilviaC: Mine is still loading


MonicaS: ditto


HalaH joined the room.


IsabelCriT: mine too


SarahBr: mine too


JanetT: mine too


SasaSi: loading...


EleniA: still loading


HalaH: Hello all


ElfinaD: mine too


AdolfoA joined the room.


PatriciaW: mine too


BjB: some of you may have a slower connection ...not a problem.....this information will all be in your transcript


MariaLorR: mine is still loading because the connection is slow


TeresaD: welcome, halinha


MaryZ: mine too, but seems stuck


MarianaGst4: I cannot see anything, thats because im a guest?


IsabelCriT: hi Hala


SasaSi: hello hala


HalaH: Wow!! What a crowd!!


MaribelB: I see your picture and info


JeremyR: Ok


BjB: guests should be able to see my ID page


IsabelCriT: Ok I got there


ShelleyC: yep


PatriciaW: mine seems stuck too


JoseD: Mine is eady and I see your page with lots of links Wow


BjB: the green i icon is how you can Identify or ID a person


ElfinaD -(


PatriciaW: there it is! at last!


RobertLed: Sorry BJ, had to go a way cant scrll back..


MarinaMa: see you id, member info


SabrinaD: I can see it now


SusanMC: ok got it now


EleniA: here you are!


MarianaGst4: i cannot see it


SilviaC: Mine is not ready yet


EhsanM: Me niether.


AnneGst7: I see you ID too


AntonellaB: no, i cannot


BjB: this means you can click on ANY name under the HERE tab or the Online tab (one click) and then click on the green i to ID that person


MonicaS: mine either


MaryZ: i see after school online. is tat right?


JeremyR left the room (signed off).


BjB: Guests will have a very minimal ID page


ElfinaD: I can see your member information now


JeremyR joined the room.


MariaLorR: I can see you! great at last!


ZsofiaO: just loading for me


ZsofiaO: dosent work


IsabelleA: got there finally !


AntonellaB: now yes, i know everything about isabelle aubouy!


BjB . o O ( this is why I asked you not to detach your chat....the ID page will be above the chat )


EhsanM: I tried Sasa's. and I can see her ID page :)


MaryZ: what is aafterschol online...is that you BJ?


BjB: That is the room we're in now, Mary


SasaSi: Saša: :-)


IsabelleA: Wow !! Don't tell everyone, Antonella ;-) Just kidding


MaryZ: then i was not able to see your id page


HalaH left the room (signed off).


EhsanM: The same nice smile Sasa :) and sorry I don't know how to put the diacritic.


BjB: I'm going to show you how to edit your own ID page now


AdolfoA: Where Can I find my ID?


JackB joined the room.


MarinaMa: i've seen other member's id


SharonBe: Yes, finally got one - Sasha's


BjB: please click on the ME tab at the top of the screen


PatriciaMS: I can see your ID page


JeremyR: Still attempting to load...


BjB: does everyone see the ME tab?


ZsofiaO: yeahh Ive got it


SabrinaD: yes


MaryZ: y


PatriciaMS left the room (signed off).


IsabelCriT: yes


MarinaMa: yes


SilviaC: Yes


MaribelB: yes


PatriciaMS joined the room.


MonicaS: yes


EhsanM: Top right of the page


PatriciaW: yes


SusanMC: yes


EleniA: yes


MariaLorR: yes, already there


BjB: after you click on ME, click on Settings on the right in the yellow menu bar


EhsanM: next to Tapped In


AKADDARGst6 left the room (signed off).


IsabelCriT: pk


IsabelCriT: ok


AngieDH: Hello everyone


BjB: from ME/Settings you can edit your description and profile...


EleniA: ok


BjB: you can change your email and password


BjB: and you can add a photo


NergizK joined the room.


NergizGst10 left the room (signed off).


JeremyR left the room.


JackB left the room.


BjB . o O ( please don't try to add a photo right now... )


MbarekA joined the room.


BjB: that will be your homework :-)


ElfinaD: ok


SilviaC: OK


SabrinaD: ok


MbarekA: I m back after i registed


BjB . o O ( I'm trying to cover all the list of things you were assigned to do for BaW )


ElfinaD: congrats, Mbarek!


BjB: welcome to the community, Mbarek


NergizK left the room (signed off).


BjB: any questions about your ID page?


MbarekA: hi I m Akaddar from morocco


MaryZ: home work is to just add a photo is our homeowrk or change email and password too?


ElfinaD: not yet :-)


RobertLed: Hi Nergiz -I'm rob in Izmir, neighbours


SusanMC: no


SharonBe: How did you add extra stuff - in another room?


BjB: only if you need to, Mary


MbarekA: Hi Elfina happy to meet u here


MaryZ: thank ou BJ


BjB: Sharon, if we have time I'll cover that later


AngelikaC: BJB, I cannot see me old description


CarinaL left the room.


ElfinaD -)


CarinaL joined the room.


EhsanM: Are we going to look at the other tabs too or just the settings?


BjB waits for everyone to be ready for the next stop on our tour


RobertLed left the room (signed off).


RobertLed joined the room.


BjB: please click on the Tapped In tab at the top of your screen


JeremyR joined the room.


ZhenjaB: all right


BjB: the first screen you see is the campus map


JackB joined the room.


ZhenjaB: ok


ElfinaD: right


BjB: the buildings are Passageways, so please do NOT click on them


EleniA: ok


AntonellaB: parece los sims :o))


BjB: a passageway is a link to another location in Tapped In


HalaH joined the room.


IsabelCriT: where are we now in this map?


BjB: the buildings on the campus map are Tapped In tenants who support Tapped In financially and through research


BjB: yes, Isabel


SharonBe: BJ I always wondered how you got a building :)


RobertLed: where's the map?


NergizK joined the room.


BjB: There is a link in the top right of the campus map to the K-12 Student campus


BjB: Robert, click on the Tapped In tab at the top of your screen


IsabelCriT: should we click on it ?


BjB: we don't have time today to go to the Student campus


ZhenjaB: shoulf we follow the link?


IsabelCriT: ok


RobertLed: done


MaryZ: where are we supposed to click..i had to go to the bathroom and my husband could not understand where to click


BjB: but I'm going to give you a brief explanation....


NergizK left the room.


BjB: do not click on anything, Mary, except the Tapped In tab


MarianaGst4: i cannot find the k12 link


SharonBe: MaryZ - click the tappedIn tab on the top right


BjB: the student campus is a safe and secure place where teachers can bring their students


SharonBe: Mariana - it is a link on the top right of the map


AdolfoA: I have problems uploading my photo because it's to big. What should I do?


BjB . o O ( guests cannot see the student campus...this is one of the safety features )


CarinaL left the room.


SharonBe: Adolfo - you can shrink it later and upload


BjB: thanks, Sharon


CarinaL joined the room.


AdolfoA: Thanks


MonicaS: Adolfo, you can see that in the wiki. We're supposed to listen now.


MaryZ: i see the map


EsterS joined the room.


BjB: The teacher creates the classroom in the student campus...


BjB: and assigns usernames and passwords to the students


MbarekA: wonderful


BjB: when the students log in they land in the classroom where they can engage in real time text chat...


BjB: post reflective writing to the threaded discussion boards


RobertLed: will it possible for me to craete a classroom/tarining room?


BjB: and access files and links provided by the teacher


IsabelleA left the room.


IsabelleA joined the room.


BjB: Robert, if the room is for adults, you can create a group in the main Tapped In campus


MbarekA: are supposed to click somewhere on the map?


BjB . o O ( let me finish explaining the student campus and then we'll talk about groups )


SharonBe: Mbare - just wait please


SabrinaD: no mbareka


BjB: no clicking, Mbarek


EsterS left the room.


MbarekA: ok


AngieDH left the room.


BjB: If the students have used text chat, when they log out their transcript is emailed to the teacher...


BjB: who can use it for assessment, forward to the student for editing, or share with admin or parents


BjB: the students are not able to enter any other classrooms or rooms in the student campus unless the teacher selects that feature


BjB: no students are permitted to enter any other Tapped In buildings and no guests can enter the student campus


EsterS joined the room.


BjB: this provides a safe and secure setting where students can learn how to chat online (text) and be accountable for online behaviors


BjB: now let's look at some of the groups in the main Tapped In campus


AdolfoA: How do I get to the main tapped in campus?


BjB: you have already clicked on the Tapped In tab...


BjB . o O ( we are there , Adolfo )


AdolfoA: sure


BjB: please click on Calendar in the blue menu bar


IsabelCriT: ok


BjB: all the events on the calendar are real time text chats like we're having


MarinaMa: there


AngieDH joined the room.


RichardTu joined the room.


JeremyR left the room.


BjB: when you fill out the membership form you enter your time zone...


SharonBe: What time zone BJ?


BjB: this means you should see the calendar with your times


SasaSi: i do


MoiraH: your own Sharon


JeremyR joined the room.


BjB: if you just entered the room, click on the Tapped In tab and then click on Calendar in the blue menu bar, please


RichardTu: ok thanks!


RobertLed: can explore a few events


BjB: you will see that next Saturday (and every Saturday) there is a tour of the student campus


MariaLorR: I don't see it in my time, but I suppose I can change that from my profile


BjB: if you click on a topic on the calendar you will see several things...


MarianaGst4: can we participate of any of these events?


BjB: anyone can participate in any of the calendar events...


BjB: they are all designed as professional development opportunities for educators...


MarinaMa: clicked on topic. see info of this event


EsterS: Is there a script of conversations that have already happened?


BjB: and are led by members of the Tapped In community...usually experts in their field


ElfinaD: sorry, where is the topic in the calendar?


BjB: Elfina, select any item on the calendar


BjB: and click on it


ElfinaD: got it, thanks.


BjB: you will see a description of the event, who is leading the discussion, and the event room


BjB: do you all see the door icon?


MarinaMa: yes


RichardTu: yep!


MariaLorR: yes


MonicaS: yes


AntonellaB: yes


DennisOl joined the room.


GladysFL: yes


IsabelleA: yes


PatriciaW: yes


SusanMC: yes


PatriciaMS: yes


MbarekA: yes


LenkaD left the room (signed off).


CarinaL: yes


EhsanM: In front of the Event Room.


BjB: just as the i icon is important and allows you to Identify or ID a person or group....


ZsofiaO: on the top?


ZhenjaB left the room.


RichardTu left the room.


ZsofiaO: yellow door on the right side?


RichardTu joined the room.


RobertLed: I can see 3 doors


BjB: the door icon is also important...it is a passageway that allows you to move to another room.


MasoudA joined the room.


EsterS left the room.


MelanieE joined the room.


BjB: any door icon will take you to another location


RichardTu: dont click on the door - youll leave this room!!


DennisOl left the room (signed off).


BjB . o O ( which is why everyone is leaving the room ;-) )


ZhenjaB joined the room.


IsabelN joined the room.


EsterS joined the room.


BjB chuckles


GladysFL ))


MaryZ: where is the door icon?


DennisOl joined the room.


BjB waits for everyone to get back


SilviaC: Very impulsive students BJB


SharonBe: MaryZ at the top left


MarinaMa: maryz, on the left


AngieDH left the room.


MalilaP: lol


MariaLorR: in the middle, left Mary


MaryZ: next to favorite places?


RobertLed: I clicked the door bottom of online tab


BjB: Mary, when you select a topic on the calendar...


AngieDH joined the room.


IsabelN: sorry we've been somewhere else but we didn't see the signs


DennisOl left the room (signed off).


DennisOl joined the room.


EhsanM: BJ you lead the tour on WiziQ too!


SharonBe: MaryZ other side of the bar


RobertLed: if in doubt click sthg


ElfinaD: Mary, it's next to the Event room


BjB: you will see a door next to the Event Room


DennisOl left the room.


MaryZ: ok


MaizieA joined the room.


BjB: the calendar allows you to go to the calendar event


ZhenjaB: how can we create these rooms?


MaizieA: I made it at last


MelanieE: Can someone tell me what I should do I feel lost!


ElfinaD: hello Maizie :-)


BjB: ahhh...now for creating a group or an office


MariaLorR: Melanie, we should listen and do what BJB tells us


BjB: Melanie, just hang on...


RobertLed: me too. Recap plse syart with finding teh right door


MaizieA: Hi what am i supposed to do this is my first time here?


BjB nods to Robert.


BjB: what I just did was show you how to attend an event that is on the calendar...


IsabelN: what is the topic we're here to discuss? and who is the moderator ?


RobertLed: I dont dont think you did :-)


BjB: to view the calendar you click on the Tapped In tab and then click on Calendar in the blue menu bar


SharonBe: BJB is the moderator and she is giving a tour of TappedIn -


IsabelN: BJB are you the moderator ?


DafneG . o O ( the sessions started a while ago, please "listen" to BJ)


ElfinaD: Maizie, you follow BJB's instructions


BjB: I'm trying, Isabel


BjB: when you select an event on the calendar...


BjB: you are able to see a description of the event, who is leading the discussion and a door icon to the room in which the event will take place




BjB: the door icon is a passageway or link to another room...


BjB: if you clcik on the door you will move to that room


BjB . o O ( and lose your chat window )


RobertLed: aha! :-)


MbarekA: ok i c


MaryZ: got it


AngieDH: okay


MelanieE: Which time are the times given in?


BjB: now to tell you about the Tapped In special interest groups....


SharonBe: Melanie - your time


BjB: There are over 800 special interest groups in Tapped In ...


BjB: one of them is Webheads in Action.


BjB: have you all joined the Webheads in Action group?


SharonBe: Yes


AngieDH: no


SusanMC: yes


MbarekA: yes


MarinaMa: yes


JoseD: Yes


SabrinaD: no


ZsofiaO: not me yet


EsterS: yep!


MalilaP: yup, few minutes ago


IsabelleA: yes


JeffC joined the room.


RichardTu: not yet! how do you do that?


MariaLorR: I don't know


MonicaS: yes


SilviaC: Yes I have


BjB . o O ( guests will not be able to join a group )


ZhenjaB: no


PatriciaW: no yet


SabrinaD: how do i do it?


ElfinaD: no


JanetT: yes


AntonellaB: i will,promised :o))


AnneGst7: no


GladysFL: yes


RobertLed: yes


EleniA: no


MaizieA: I feel lost HELP


AdolfoA: I have found many activities in the calendar and I have checked some of the events. I supposse that I can attend the events and participate in them.


MaryZ: i thnk so


IsabelN: i think so i'm a registered user of tapped in and also of webheqads inaction


BjB: for those of you who have not joined...and everyone else do this too, please....


EhsanM: Can we do that now by typing slash join?


NergizK joined the room.


BjB: click on the SEARCH tab in the top right of your screen


AngieDH: how do we register for wegneads in action


BjB . o O ( please do not type anything for a minute )


BjB: click on the SEARCH tab in the top right of your screen


BjB: then click on GROUPS in the purple menu bar


BjB: enter Webheads in Action


BjB: and press the find it button


BjB: you should get one match


BjB: click on the green i next to the group name


MoiraH left the room.


MoiraH joined the room.


BjB . o O ( the green i is for IDENTITY and you should see the group ID page )


DennisOl joined the room.


BjB: if you have already joined the group you will see a place to leave the group...DON"T


DennisOl left the room.


BjB: if you have not joined the group, select Join this group


BjB . o O ( in green at the top of the group ID page )


EhsanM . o O ( ID page hasn't loaded yet! )


BjB: you can search for any group in this way


RobertLed: Ehs.. took me afew clicks


MonicaS: What are the collaborating groups?


BjB: Ehsan, if you have a slow connection, try later....you'll have your transcript


RichardTu: Are there any other similar groups discussing technology in ELT?


IsabelN left the room.


BjB: Richard, you can search and see what you come up with


RichardTu: OK!


BjB: members are permitted to join as many groups as they want to


JoseD left the room.


EhsanM . o O ( finally got it. )


MaizieA: ok i found it now what do i do?


BjB: did you join the group, maizie?


MarianaGst4: are these groups having sessions the whole year?


JoseD joined the room.


BjB: some are more active than others, Mariana


MaryZ: i did join


MaizieA: i think so?????


AngieDH: I joined the group Webheads in Action


AdolfoA left the room.


EsterS left the room.


SabrinaD: i joined the group


SilviaC left the room.


AdolfoA joined the room.


EleniA: ok. joined the group


BjB: everyone click on Room View at the top of your screen


ZhenjaB: i'm in


MaizieA: Now what do I do?


ElfinaD: It should read, "You have successfully joined this group"


BjB: this will bring you back to the welcome screen


AngieDH: okay


AnneGst7: Still a guest, I guess I should join later to follow just now


MarinaMa: ok.


BjB: everyone back to the welcome screen?


BjB nods to Anne


SabrinaD: yes


AngieDH: yes


IsabelleA: yes


MaribelB: yes


CarinaL: yes


MelanieE: Yes


SusanMC: yes


PatriciaMS: yes


GladysFL: yes


MariaLorR nods


RichardTu: yep


EleniA: yes


SilviaC joined the room.


IsabelCriT: yes


ElfinaD: yes


RobertLed: evet


ShelleyC: ye


AdolfoA: yes


MaizieA left the room.


JanetT: yes


BjB: now look at the drop down menu in the top right of your screen


MaryZ: where?


AngieDH: found it


SylwiaK left the room.


ElfinaD: Favoutire places?


BjB: there is a door icon on the left of the menu and a Go button on the right


BjB: yes, Elfina


EsterS joined the room.


IsabelCriT: ok


MarinaMa: favorite places+go?


AngieDH: ok


EhsanM: Wait I'm left behind


BjB: drop that menu down and look at what is listed


AntonellaB left the room.


EhsanM: couldn't find the Room View at the top of screen!


BjB waits for everyone to find the drop down menu


MarinaMa: done


SylwiaK joined the room.


BjB: Ehsan, room view is under the ME tab


AngieDH: found it


AntonellaB joined the room.


EleniA: ok


MaryZ: found it...webheads i action is listed


AngieDH: for me too


BjB: you all should see webheads in action...


NergizK left the room.


BjB: as well as any other group you've joined


SabrinaD: yes i see it


MalilaP left the room.


RichardTu: got it


MbarekA: yes


BjB: and Tapped In reception is listed...


AntonellaB: do we have to go to the webheads room?


BjB: and your office if you have created one


BjB: well, let's do that, Antonella...good practice.


CarinaL left the room.


RichardTu left the room.


AntonellaB left the room.


HalaH left the room (signed off).


SharonBe left the room.


BjB: everyone go to the drop down menu and go to webheads


YvonneE left the room.


IsabelleA left the room.


MelanieE left the room.


MaribelB left the room.


SusanMC: i don't see webheads in actin


HalaH joined the room.


SilviaC left the room.


AngieDH left the room.


SabrinaD left the room.


EleniA left the room.


KatU left the room.


Moving to the WiA office


Room: WebheadsAction


KatU joined the room.


ElfinaD joined the room.


MbarekA joined the room.


SasaSi joined the room.


MaryZ joined the room.


DafneG joined the room.


JackB joined the room.


RichardTu: not sure if we're meant to be in here!


PatriciaMS joined the room.


NergizK left the room.


MonicaS joined the room.


GladysFL joined the room.


AngelikaC joined the room.


BJB2 joined the room.


SharonBe left the room.


JanetT joined the room.


MariaLorR joined the room.


MasoudA joined the room.


PatriciaW joined the room.


BJB2: whew!


EhsanM joined the room.


MarinaMa joined the room.


ZhenjaB joined the room.


GladysFL: this is fun!


RichardTu: i prefer this room


MaizieA: Where am I supposed to be?


DafneG: lol, BJ


ShelleyC joined the room.


RichardTu: the painting's nicere


MariaLorR: In Webheads in action


DafneG: This is the WiA office


MarinaMa: should we stay in weheads in action?


TeresaD joined the room.


HalaH joined the room.


RobertLed joined the room.


JoseD joined the room.


JeremyR joined the room.


MaizieA: Please can someone answer me


IsabelN: i'm back again


CarinaL joined the room.


SabrinaD: I don't know


AngieDH: I am here


MaribelB: just wait for the others


MonicaS: just browse, Maizie


BJB2: yes, everyone stay put till we all get here


IsabelN: this is a bit confusing


NergizK joined the room.


MbarekA: we are at webheads in action room


MariaLorR: internet is, don't worry you'll get it Isabel


ZsofiaO joined the room.


TeresaD: practice makes perfect, isabelN


DafneG: we just moved to another office


EsterS joined the room.


BJB2 nods to Teresa and Dafne....


MaizieA: OK so this is wher we should be?


EsterS: OK


SabrinaD: i think so


IsabelN: I don't know where to go in webheads again to join the chat


MarinaMa: guess so


RichardTu: so every group has it's own "room" to chat in?


BJB2: you all used the door icon on the favorite places menu to move to this group


MbarekA: yes maizie


SharonBe joined the room.


BJB2: yes, Richard


AnneGst7 joined the room.


DafneG: you are in the chat, Isabel


MoiraH joined the room.


MarianaGst4 joined the room.


IsabelN: yes but i can't figure out how I got here


BJB2: what you all just did was move to another room in Tapped In


MaryZ: i did not use a door icon...i used the search tab


SarahBr joined the room.


IsabelCriT joined the room.


IsabelN: hi Isabel are you Portuguese ?


CarlosF joined the room.


MaizieA: So what are we supposed to do now - just chat?


BJB2: you either used the favorite places menu or a search or the /join command...all ways in which you can navigate to another location


IsabelN: finally we meet again !!!


IsabelN: Carlos are you sleeping ?


BJB2: navigation can be confusing...


IsabelN: isabelcrit are you from Portugal ?


MbarekA: we are exploring tappedin platform maizie


BJB2: because every time you move to another room you get a new chat window


MarianaGst4: what happens if i click go on favorite places menu?


MaizieA: Why would we want to go somewhere else - it took a long time to get here


JackB left the room (signed off).


BJB2: you can go to any location listed on the favorite places menu (guests included)


SusanMC joined the room.


BJB2: from any location in Tapped In


SharonBe: BJ since we now are in this room, will the transcript change? will we get two?


EhsanM . o O ( beginning to see the logic. Everything's making sense now )


DennisOl joined the room.


MaizieA: I don't like getting lost!!!!!


SylwiaK joined the room.


BJB2: so, if you are exploring and get lost, go to that menu and then go to a familiar place


IsabelN: next sunday will be held a session in tapped in as well ?


JeffC joined the room.


IsabelN: hi dennis it seems we're in a labirynth..


BJB2: Check the calendar, Isabel


MelanieE: At one point I saw a map of the campus but I don't remember how I got there


IsabelCriT: Isabel, I'm Brazilian


MaryZ left the room (signed off).


BJB2 nods solemnly to Isabel....


MaryZ joined the room.


BJB2: Try to think of Tapped In as a college campus...


IsabelN: ok BJB2 but i think this live session was very confusing


MariaLorR: don't worry Melanie, you'll get the script to do all this again!


DafneG . o O ( you will get the transcript to review everything )


DennisOl left the room (signed off).


BJB2: with buildings and offices and meeting rooms...


IsabelN: isabelCRIt are you called Cristina as well ?


BJB2: each room has a whiteboard and a chat and a discussion board


EhsanM: I'm in WiA room. Am I in the right place?


MarinaMa: quite clear for me


BJB2: yes, Ehsan


EhsanM: ok, thanks


ElfinaD: will we get two transcripts?


MbarekA: I'll come back to explore it at my pace


MaryZ: where was the favorites tab or link located, please? i think this was a wonderful introduction, very helpful BJ


GladysFL: very clear BjB


DafneG: only one, Elfina


BJB2: you will get one transcript with all the chat


BJB2 . o O ( even if you moved to another room )


ElfinaD: thanks, Dafne


SharonBe: MaryZ - drop down menu is at the top right of your screen.


IsabelN: Dafne I haven't answered the questions yet am I still allowed to do it ?


SusanMC: I really enjoyed that. Thanks so much


SylwiaK: thank you


RobertLed: this is fun, I think I'm hooked


BJB2: As I mentioned at the beginning of the tour...


RichardTu: it seems claer to me, just sorry I was late getting here :(


MaizieA: Am I missing something


DennisOl joined the room.


FernandaR joined the room.


Thanking BJ and final tips


BJB2: this was only an introduction...an opportunity to show you the basics of navigation and identity


AntonellaB: thank you


SharonBe: BJ is there any limit to the number of peopel in a rooom?


BJB2: no, Sharon


ElfinaD: is that the end of the tour?


EsterS: big thanks BJ


GladysFL: I'm hooked too you've been fantastic BjB


MaryZ: thank you BJ


YvonneE joined the room.


IsabelleA: thanks


BJB2 . o O ( although too many people can be really confusing! )


CarinaL: thanks a lot


IsabelN: BJB2 were we supposed to discuss anything or just to see how it worked


MaryZ: it was wonderful


MbarekA: Thak you BjB and ELFINA


SharonBe: Thank you BJ - you are / were very patient


IsabelleA left the room (signed off).


TeresaD: thank you so much, BJ!


NergizK: Thanks BJ, especially for your patience...


SilviaC: Everything was very clear and I've learnt a lot


BJB2: Isabel, mostly you were just learning how to do things


SarahBr: What is the best way to leave the room..


EleniA left the room.


DafneG Claps, claps


JoseD: Thanks a million for the tour BJ


ZhenjaB: thanx a lot!


MoiraH: Excellent as always, BJ, thank you :-)


SabrinaD: thanks


JanetT: Thank you so much, BjB


AngieDH: Thank you BJ


ElfinaD: Thank you, BJB. I enjoyed it!


MaryZ: anyone know where the favorite tab or link is that they were talking about?


MaizieA: Can someone explain to me what the tour was I think I mised it


MarinaMa: could you tell us what the whiteboard is?


CarlosF left the room (signed off).


ZhenjaB: good job!


GladysFL: how do you clap?


SharonBe left the room (signed off).


BJB2: Sarah, you can logout, or move to another room


TeresaD claps, claps, claps


IsabelCriT: Thank you BJB


EhsanM: Thanks a lot BJ.


SarahBr: thanks!


PatriciaMS: BjB thanks for the tour


SasaSi clps claps claps


JeffC: Mary, it's next to tHE Go! button in the top frame.


ZsofiaO: thanks for the tour


EleniA joined the room.


DafneG: Thanks you, dear BJ for another wonderful tour


MoiraH: clap clap clap clap


RichardTu: Thanks very much! Maizie - go back and read the script!


IsabelN: BJB2 bye


MariaLorR: you write :clap


RobertLed: Thanks a lot


BJB2: the whiteboard is a text only persistent space...


MalilaP: Tks, BJ, you cleared up many questions I had!


JanetT left the room (signed off).


KatU: Thanks BJ


DafneG: and for your great patience!


FernandaR: Fernanda: claps


RobertLed clap


MarianaGst4: is the tour finished?


MaryZ: thsnks I see it now


MasoudA: thank u BJ


SarahBr left the room (signed off).


SilviaC: Thanks for the tour BjB and for your patience


BJB2: my pleasure, everyone...enjoy your experience with BaW


JeffC: If you click that dropdown menu, and *don't see Webheads IN Action you still need to join this group!*


EleniA: thanks BJ


MelanieE: Thank you BJ


MonicaS: Thanks BJ!


GladysFL: Thank you BJ


MarinaMa: thank you so much for your patience & generosity


EsterS left the room.


MaryZ: many many thanks BJ!!! you did a terrific job!


RobertLed: where do you learn the short hand?


SilviaC: Thank you all


DennisOl: Thanks for your help in Receptin, Jeff.


JeffC: my pleasure


MelanieE left the room.


AntonellaB: bye, and thanks


IsabelN left the room (signed off).


AntonellaB left the room (signed off).


MaizieA: I am really lost


MoiraH: Ehsan learnt it today in Webheads in Action weekly meet


MbarekA: do we need to join webheads everytime we log in to tapped in?


SabrinaD: bye to alll


EhsanM: Hey this was soooooooooo exciting. I'll be coming here more often!


DafneG: no, you are a member now


MariaLorR: thank you BJB, see you some other time... really helpful


CarinaL left the room.


MonicaS: Maizie, you should try and come back again when there are fewer people here.


EleniA left the room (signed off).


JeremyR: bye


SabrinaD left the room (signed off).


MarianaGst4: Thank you BJ! extremely helpful!


ShelleyC: bye!\


ShelleyC: thanks!


DafneG: Webheads meet at TI every Sunday at noon GMT


JeremyR: thanks


SasaSi: Maizie, it will be better nex time


MoiraH . o O ( Ehsan is hooked )


EhsanM . o O ( thanks to great webheads like Moira )


SusanMC left the room (signed off).


MarianaGst4: bye!


MaizieA: where am I supposed to see the instructions for the tour?


RobertLed left the room.


BJB2 waves bye. Please remember that unless you come back and try some of the things you learned today, you won't retain the information


TeresaD: this was a great overview. the next step is exploration of all the features on your own or with help


ShelleyC left the room (signed off).


MaribelB: Thank you BJB it was very clear!


RichardTu: If anyone finds any other groups here in Tapped In discussing technology and ELT , plase let me know!


MoiraH plus all the others at the Sunday meets


AngieDH left the room (signed off).


MonicaS: Everytime you log in, there will be someone at reception to help you


ZsofiaO: thanks Teresa


DennisOl: Thanks, BJ. I wish I'd been here for the entire tour!


SilviaC: Bye everybody Enjoy the rest of your Sunday


ZsofiaO: and BJ


TeresaD: bye, zsofi


MariaLorR: Maizie, you'll guet a script in your e-mail when you sign off


ZsofiaO: bye


DennisOl: Thanks, Dafne and Teresa for making this tour possible.


MaryZ: mazie we can go through it together again if you want


MarianaGst4 left the room (signed off).


BJB2: There are several tours listed on the calendar, Dennis


PatriciaW: Thanks a lot BJ. This was great and I admire your patience!


ElfinaD: Richard, there is Web 2.0 Tools for Schools


YvonneE left the room (signed off).


MaryZ: (I took notes)


EhsanM: I can't wait to learn about WiziQ


TeresaD: richard, you need to search the groups


IsabelCriT left the room (signed off).


PatriciaW: clap clap clap


DennisOl: Yes, I know, BJ. Thanks.


MaizieA: PLEASE I would love to


JoseD: Bye ererybody


ZsofiaO left the room.


MbarekA: 10x alot BjB u have been patient and helpful


EhsanM: I noticed that you gave a tour of that on Jan 15


MasoudA left the room (signed off).


DafneG: we will post the chatlog to our live sessions page on the BaW wiki


MariaLorR: bye Jose D


JoseD left the room (signed off).


BJB2: I've enjoyed sharing Tapped In with you all


MaribelB left the room.


PatriciaW: See Lore? I've been a really good student!


MaizieA: I am SOOOO confused


MariaLorR: As always, I was just kidding :)


MaryZ: ok mazie first click on the tapped tab at the top of the page


NergizK left the room (signed off).


PatriciaMS: It was a great tour, but now I feel I just have to explore it on my own. Once again thanks BjB and other moderators. bye


BJB2: I don't lead the tours of Wiziq...I just post the events to the calendar.


MonicaS: Bye everyone! Thanks bj again


TeresaD: that's natural, maizie. now you have to come back and sort things out


BJB2: Wiziq is pretty cool and worth a look


PatriciaW: Sorry, but as I'm leaving.... time to Kill!!! hahahahahahaha


EhsanM: This was at the same time a demonstration of skills required of an online teacher.


MaryZ: did you fing the tapped in tab mazie?


MaryZ: it is next to the me tab


DennisOl left the room (signed off).


CarlosF joined the room.


DafneG: true Ehsan


EhsanM: We learned a lot besides Tapped In, BJB2


DennisOl joined the room.


MaizieA: yes


PatriciaMS left the room (signed off).


MarinaMa left the room.


MoiraH hugs everybody and says bye for now :-) and thanks BJ again


MaryZ: there is a campus map there , do you see it?


BJB2 nods to Eshan


MonicaS left the room (signed off).


MariaLorR: Bye Pato, time to run!!!!


MaizieA: yes


EhsanM: Ok, catch you around in the YG again.


MoiraH left the room (signed off).


CarlosF: I just miss all of this. Can anyone tell me what to do, please?


EhsanM: and bye for now.


PatriciaW: Bye, run quickly! And bye everyone, it was a pleasure and THANKS AGAIN BJ!


DafneG: Carlos, you will read the chatlog on our live sessions page


MaryZ: good mazie from there BJ told us we can go to other buildings, but this tour we did not go anywhere there


MaizieA: go to tapped in tab at the top


MariaLorR: Hi Carlos, we had a tour to Tapped In


DafneG: and then you can come back to practice


PatriciaW left the room (signed off).


MariaLorR: it will be posted in the wiki


TeresaD: carlos, you'll see the chat log in our wiki. read it carefully


MaryZ: the next thing we did was click on the here tab


MaryZ: which is next to the chat


CarlosF: Where the libve session page? In wiki?


TeresaD: see you all in week2


ElfinaD: Bye everybody. It was a wonderful tour!


BJB2: The other buildings in Tapped In are tenants. They are not public spaces


MaryZ: do you see the here tab mazie?


DafneG: Wiki: live sessions page


MaizieA: No


ElfinaD left the room (signed off).


MalilaP left the room (signed off).


MaizieA: yes


SilviaC left the room.


TeresaD: BJ, many thanks once again on behalf of the BaW08 team. you're very patient... applauds


MaryZ: there is a small screen next to the white chat screen


MariaLorR: bye everyone, I really enjoyed the tour and I'll do as BJB suggested: go over it again


MaryZ: it has two tabs, here and online


DennisOl left the room (signed off).


EhsanM: WiA RRRRRRRRocks!!


GladysFL: Bye everyone, it's been great sharing this with you, thanks BJ and Jeff!


DafneG claps claps claps


CarlosF: Thank you. I'll go there. Is there a time to be there? I had problems connecting and had to use aone of the girl's computers...


AngelikaC left the room (signed off).


MariaLorR claps and applaudes


GladysFL left the room.


SasaSi claps


MaryZ: it shows how many users are in the chat aat the bottom of the little ray box


MaryZ: are you able to see that?


MaizieA: yes


TeresaD: carlos, the chatlog will be uploaded to the wiki later


MariaLorR left the room (signed off).


MaryZ: we clicked on the here tab to see the list of participants


AnneGst7 left the room.


ZhenjaB: cu guys


TeresaD: bye, everyone!


SylwiaK left the room.


CarlosF: Is that all for now, then?


DafneG: a message will be sent to the YG list when the chatlog has been posted


EhsanM: Does this chatroom expire?


MaizieA: ok


TeresaD: bye, BJ! loved being here


SasaSi: yep, Carlos


TeresaD left the room (signed off).


EhsanM: Or can we stay around to explore a bit further?


MaryZ: then we chose one person's name and clicked ONCE on their name to highlight it


DafneG: you can stay Ehsan


EhsanM: oh that's great Daf.


SasaSi: of course you can, Ehsan


MaryZ: it turs blue, did you highlight someonee?


CarlosF: Thank you again and thank you all. I'm sorry i missed the meeting. Bye.


ZhenjaB left the room.


MaizieA: yes you


MbarekA left the room.


MaryZ: after you highlight the name, go to the little i in teh green circle at teh bottom of the screen


MaryZ: click on teh little green circle with the i


MarinaMa joined the room.


KatU left the room (signed off).


2008.01.20 10:24:28 Signoff



Screen grabs


Tapped In home page



Campus map



A profile page (IsabelleA)



The Calendar



The Webheads in Action Office




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