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Week 1: Jan 14 - 20


Getting acquainted with Yahoo Groups. Introductions.


Moderators: Kat Urbaniak & Saša Sirk





By the end of this week you will have:


    • completed the diagnostic survey
    • introduced yourself to the group
    • added your profile to the participant wiki
    • added yourself to our BaW map
    • gotten familiar with the features of our Yahoo Group and wiki
    • attended the first live session at Tapped In
    • commented on the presentation of the week
    • answered the questions of the week
    • read and commented on the Week 1 readings





1. Complete the Diagnostic Survey

2. Introduce yourself to the group in no more than 100 words. Send your message to: baw08@yahoogroups.com . Information to be included:

a. Your first and last name. You can include the name you would like to be known by.

b. Yahoo ID.

c. Institution where you work or study.

d. What you do.

e. Why you joined this group and the expectations you have.

f. Any additional info you would like to share with the group.


This intro is also to be posted to our participants' gallery wiki page. Follow the format given. It would be great if you added a small photo :-)


3. You can also post your picture to the PHOTOS section (menu on the left) of our Yahoo Group (YG).



4. It is now time to show the world you have joined our session ;-) Please, go to BaW map and add yourself. You will be shown on our home page.


5. To accomplish all your tasks for week 1:


    • Select one of the readings for week 1, and post your comments to our forum,
    • Attend the live session at Tapped In and post your comments to the blog
    • Answer week 1 questions in the YG list:
      • How do you change your mail distribution preferences at our Yahoo Group?
      • How do you post a photo to the wiki?
      • How do you join an office in Tapped In if you are at the reception?





This is all for week 1!

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