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Week 3: Jan 28 - Feb 3



Building an online presence: Blogs, podcasting and wikis.



Moderators: Monica Veado, Nelba Quintana & Jose A. da Silva







By the end of this week you will have:


    • learned about different blogs, wikis and podcast providers
    • explored different features of blogs, wikis and podcasts
    • created your own blog, wiki and/or podcast
    • attended the live presentation on the topic of the week
    • commented on the presentation of the week
    • answered the questions of the week
    • read and commented on the Week 3 readings





Join us at WiZiQ on Tuesday, Jan. 29, for Graham Stanley's presentation, at 21:00 GMT (check local times here)


1. What is your definition of a blog, a wiki and a podcast? How are they similar/different? If you would like some ideas, take a look at the suggested readings for this week. Post your definitions and comments on our forum


Here are a couple of videos that would be interesting to explore:


2. Visit our blog and explore the different features.

  • How do you post a comment on the blog?
  • How do you moderate comments?
  • How do you post videos, slideshows, pictures?
  • How can you customize the header?
  • How do you post widgets?
  • How do you invite people to contribute as collaborators and authors?


3. Also, explore our wiki. How do you...

  • ... create headlines for the different sections?
  • ... make a word bold?
  • ... insert slideshows?
  • ... post pictures?
  • ... create new pages?


4. Explore different blog hosts and visit some of the blogs there. Here are a few options:


5. Explore some wikis too:


6. For podcasts, a few options to explore:


Also, check TOOLS on our wiki to find more suggestions.


7. And now, why not be a bit more adventurous and create your own blog, wiki or podcast? Don't forget to let the group know about it! Provide the URL so that everybody can visit and leave a comment.

  • What would you like your blog or wiki to be about?
  • Who is going to read it - only you? Other teachers? Your students? Other students? Anyone?
  • Will you work on it alone or would you like to invite other people (students, for example) to write on it?


A few questions to think about after you've chosen a blog host:

  • How do you invite other people to write on your blog?
  • How do you insert photos on your posts?
  • Is it possible to upload videos? What do you need to do?

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